Taco Tour

Taco Tour

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An Evening Taco Adventure,  explores the night street foods of Cancun or Playa Del Carmen.  While strolling the centro (downtown) and local neighborhoods, you will sample an amazing variety of authentic regional eats. Full portion samples, enough for a satisfying dinner, are included in the ticket price. Authentic tasting locations include marquesitas, and the star of the show- Tacos! We stop at 3 unique taco stands including: Asada, Al Pastor and more adventur
ous tastings!  Come explore the sights, sounds, and energy of Cancuns & Playa Del Carmens nighttime culinary scene and hit The Street! 


    Between tastings, you’ll receive a behindthe-scenes look at the neighborhoods, including a brief bus ride through Centro (downtown). Nervous about taking a local bus in Mexico? Don’t worry! Our trusted guides show you how it’s done! After the tour you will feel comfortable 
    StARt yoUR AdvEntURE
    exploring Cancun by bus.  Your informative guide will also talk about street food customs: How to order, How to pay and the secrets of how to find a quality taco stand. You will learn about the history of the authentic dishes and their ingredients, the owners and their unique stories and how they make Mexico’s culinary scene stand out This Tour is for all skill levels.  All Ages welcome! Vegetarians welcome!


    We make 3 different stops through out our walk about. At each stop you get to savor 2 delicious tacos... (Pork, Beef & Chiken)

    6 Tacos

    1 Coke or Lemonade

    2 Scoops of Ice Cream

    1 Tour Guide